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About the Housing Authority

"To provide, maintain, and develop quality housing and neighborhoods to residents facing barriers."


The Housing Authority of Grant County was founded in the middle of World War II after the Grant County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution declaring a need for the agency.

With a start in the wartime housing industry, the Housing Authority secured financing in 1950 to build its first federally-funded Public Housing Project.

Over the years, more projects were built, and in 1977, 1,186 units of U.S. Air Force housing in the Larson Subdivision outside Moses Lake were purchased. This was a bold and innovative move that ultimately fostered affordable homeownership for several hundred county residents who bought homes from the Housing Authority and significantly expanded the local rental market.


In the next few years, continued innovation will be critical as federal support for Housing Authorities declines and state and local budgets try to recover from the first recession of the new millennium.

In recent years the Housing Authority has also taken on grants to provide emergency assistance to those experiencing homelessness. With these programs now in full swing, we are able to see people go from homelessness to being housed in affordable and permanent housing options. 

The Housing Authority of Grant County is committed to meeting these challenges by becoming more self-sufficient and creative in order to accomplish the goals of providing affordable housing, fostering homeownership and helping out communities grow. To do this we will need to engage new community partnerships and work even more closely with our stakeholders.

The Board of Commissioners and staff of our Housing Authority look to the future with confidence.

HAGC Staff

Board of Commissioners

The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners meets every third Monday of the month.   All meetings are open to the public.

Ann Mix


Robert Schrom


Nikolas Bergman

Board Chairperson

Bob Bernd


Richard Stevens


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