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Housing Properties & Programs

Public Housing

The Housing Authority of Grant County owns and manages 217 Public Housing units located throughout Grant County.

The units are located in Ephrata, Grand Coulee, Moses Lake, Quincy, Royal City, Soap Lake, and Warden


Rent is based on 30% of household income.

Choice Voucher
(Section 8 Voucher)

This program assists very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market.


Since housing assistance is provided on behalf of the family or individual, participants are able to find their own housing.


The housing voucher participant pays 30% of its monthly adjusted gross income for rent.

Subsidized Larson
Larson AFB Housing
(Section 8 Larson)

The Housing Authority of Grant County owns and manages 47 Section 8 Larson units located only in the Larson Subdivision of Moses Lake.

Rent is based on 30% of household income.

Mental Health 

Affordable housing for low-income persons with chronic mental illness.


Mental Health Housing units are located in Moses Lake, Ephrata,and Grand Coulee.

​Developmental Disabilities Demonstration

Affordable housing for persons with special needs. 

Persons residing in the units must meet the eligibility requirements of the DSHS Division of Developmental Disabilities. 


Units are located in Moses Lake in the Larson Subdivision.

Migrant Housing

An apartment complex composed of 32 units which provide a safe and clean, affordable short-stay residential space for those who are employed in seasonal agricultural work in and around Mattawa, WA.

Regular Rentals

These units are located in the Larson Subdivision of Moses Lake and range from two, three, and four-bedroom duplexes or single-family homes.


Rent amounts start from $600 to $880 per month depending on bedroom size, amenities, and condition of the home.


The lease term is for one year and the tenant is responsible for paying for electricity.

Homeless Assistance
Transitional Housing

Housing for homeless individuals and small families.

One-bedroom apartments located in Moses Lake.

Rent is $300 per month.

Homeless Assistance
Emergency Shelter

Emergency housing units for homeless families with children. 

The length of stay is 90 days.

Located in Moses Lake

Motel vouchers are also available for those who do not qualify for emergency housing.

Rental Assistance

Rapid Rehousing is short-term rental assistance based on the needs of the household.

Designed to assist families that are currently homeless to quickly obtain housing.

Prevention Assistance: short-term rental assistance to prevent homelessness

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