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Larson Regular Rentals

The Larson Regular Rentals are located in North Moses Lake, otherwise referred to as the Larson Subdivision.

The homes range from two, three, and four-bedroom single-family homes and duplexes. 

The rent amount is based on bedroom size and type of unit. 

The lease term is for one year and the tenant is responsible for paying electricity as well as lawn maintenance.

All HAGC rentals are smoke-free.

Security Deposit Amount

2 Bedroom Unit  $650

3 Bedroom Unit  $750

4 Bedroom Unit $900

Monthly Rent Amount

2 Bedroom Unit  $1000 - $1100

3 Bedroom Unit  $1150 - $1200

4 Bedroom Unit $1350

Pet Deposit: $350, with a non-refundable fee of $100

No more than one pet is allowed in the unit.

Before bringing a pet onto the premises, the deposit needs to be paid in full, a Pet Policy and Agreement to Comply must be signed, and the tenant must provide documentation for all the registration requirements.

Pet rules will not be applied to animals that assist persons with disabilities (verification is needed).

A complete copy of the “Pet Policy and Agreement to Comply,” which further explains the HAGC’s policies on the keeping of pets and any criteria or standards pertaining to the policy, is available for your review in the Housing Authority’s main office and website.

Application Fee

$52 nonrefundable and required for each adult applicant (18 years of age or older).

The fee is payable by Money Order only and made out to HAGC.

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