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The Housing Authority of Grant County offers a variety of programs to accommodate the different types of housing needs that ensure low-income individuals and families have access to safe, quality, affordable rentals.


Read the descriptions below to find out which program fits you best.

Program Summaries

Affordable Living

  • Competitive Rates:  Quality short-term housing at an affordable price.

  • Flexible Stays:  Daily, weekly, or monthly rental options to suit your needs

Comfortable Ammeneties

  • Fully Furnished Apartments:  Spacious, well-maintained units.

  • Utilities Included:  Electric, water, sewer & garbage are included in your rent.

  • Laundry Facilities:  Convenient on-site laundry facilities are available for your use.

  • Community Spaces:  Safe play areas for children, picnic tables,  & green spaces.    

Convenient Location

  • Nearby Schools & Healthcare:  Access essential services easily during your stay.

Make Esperanza your Temporary Home

Admission Requirements

  1. Head of Household must be age 18 or older

  2. Submit a completed application (submission of an application does not guarantee a unit)

  3. Copy of Picture Identification & Social Security Card

  4. Head of Household must have Lawful U.S. Residency status.

  5. Birth Certificate for everyone in the household

  6. Income Tax Return and/or W2 forms 

  7. Household must have made at least $3525 in eligible agricultural work in the last 12 months

  8. Documentation verifying that your residence is or was at least 50 miles away from this housing development for 3 months out of the preceding six months

*Other types of documents verifying your eligibility for admission may be presented to the office for consideration.

Esperanza: Your Short-Stay Solution for Seasonal Work in Mattawa

If you are interested in temporary occupancy during the harvest season or would like more information,

feel free to contact us today.

Housing Authority of Grant County

1139 Larson Blvd.

Moses Lake, WA 98837

Tel: (509) 762-5541

Toll free: 1-800-747-9202

Fax: (509) 762-2202

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